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mission - Conservation Resources (CRI) is a non-profit organization providing financial and technical services to the conservation community in New Jersey. The mission of CRI is to increase the capacity, expertise and technical and financial resources available to private and public conservation organizations in order to maximize the preservation of open space and farmland in the Garden State.

Since 2003, we have provided over $104 million in financial assistance to more than 50 conservation organizations.

why we need open space - Many of the Garden State’s special places – our natural areas, farmland, and land for parks in our cities and towns - are quickly being lost to sprawl and over-development. Experts predict that New Jersey will be the first of all the fifty states to run out of developable land, sometime in the next 30-50 years.

Drinking water supplies throughout the state are also being threatened and compromised by overdevelopment, and the costs of additional treatment needed to insure safe drinking water will far exceed the investment in land acquisition needed to safeguard water supplies in communities across New Jersey. We must do everything we can now to insure that our children and future generations can enjoy clean water, community parks, fresh produce from local farms, and natural areas and wildlife.

what we do - CRI works as a conservation intermediary by featuring and marketing New Jersey's exemplary land conservation and stewardship projects in The Conservation Exchange. We also serve as conservation consultants to local governments, governmental agencies, grantmaking foundations and individuals.

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